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Marbe Studio is a strategy focused graphic design studio based in London, nited Kingdom. We create visuals that meet business objectives by effectively reaching the consumer. We’re trained not only in graphic design but also marketing strategy and the science behind persuasion, so we not only help our customers sell – we help their businesses grow.

Our solution driven creative process assists businesses from small start ups to large multinationals in finding and developing their unique voice in the marketplace. We thrive on creating sophisticated design that provides a powerful emotional and intellectual experience.

  • Branding

    Perceiving the character of a brand (what it stands for, its strengths, weaknesses and unrealized potential) is vital in a world of empowered consumers and swiftly evolving markets. Utilizing our deep expertise in brand and marketing, we work with clients to understand and evolve their businesses.

    Design is much more than how something looks, it’s also about something functions and how it makes your customer feel. We bring to life your ideas, we’ll craft you a custom tailored design that maintains your brand identity, while appealing to your customer’s needs

  • Consulting

    We work closely with clients to determine the best model of operations to achieve their objectives. We focus on structure, talent, culture, governance, processes and systems to understand the organization’s strengths and challenges, find areas of improvement, and design solutions that take performance to new levels


Our digital branding and creative advertising skills are what set us apart from others. We are passionate about what we do.

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